Quality Time with Kawananakoa

The University of Hawaii College of Engineering got to spend some quality time with students from Kawananakoa Middle School in three separate events. At each event, students learned what engineering is, found out what engineers do, and discovered how fun engineering can be.


Real World Mathematics

Have you ever sat in your math class asking yourself, "Why do I need to learn trigonometry and calculus? Who uses trigonometry and calculus in the real world?"


Mini Baja: No Small Task

In May, mechanical engineering students from the University of Hawaii College of Engineering participated in the 2002 Mini Baja West Competition in Logan, Utah. It was the first time students from the University of Hawaii participated in this prestigious event.


A Cure for the Summertime Blues

How many high school students can say they worked on an underwater robot or a satellite that will be launched into space next year? Probably none, unless you happen to be Kailua High School students Nick Rodin and Stuart Akagi or former Maui High School student Cyrus Camp. These three participated in the second year of the University of Hawaii College of Engineering's High School Internship Program.


The Thrill of TEAMS

The Tests of Engineering Aptitude Mathematics and Science (TEAMS) exam is one of the most mind wrenching and rigorous exams high school students can take.


Early Engineering Experience

For most high school students here in Hawai`i, their summer vacations consisted of hanging out at the beach, working at a summer job, or going to the movies. However, for three particular high school students their summer consisted of working in state-of-the-art laboratories, using high-tech equipment, visiting multi-billion dollar companies and working on expensive research projects at the University of Hawai`i College of Engineering.


Rivaling Robots

For past middle school students the most exciting science project they did was probably dissect frogs. Today it's a whole different experience and with the way today's students are learning, we could soon see them create gold in chemistry class, build actual airplanes for physics class or have robotics competitions.


SPARking An Interest in Engineering

Every airplane from the Boeing 717 to Air Force One needs just a few things to fly. Of course it needs wings, the rudder, the elevator, the aileron, the fuselage, the engines, the flight controls, and a whole lot more. Okay so an airplane needs more than a few things to fly, but one of the most important parts of an airplane is the spar.


The Museum of Fun

Remember the last time you went to a museum exhibit, it probably wasn't any fun because there were signs everywhere that said, "Do not touch." That disappointed you because you wanted to touch the fragile bones of the 3 million year old dinosaur and the feathers of an ancient Hawaiian cloak, but you couldn't. Fortunately, not all museum exhibits are like that. At the Bishop Museum, there was an exhibit that encouraged you to not only touch, but also play with every display.


Robotics for Teachers

Teachers from various schools were not at Mililani Middle School to teach, instead they were there to learn about robotics. The Department of Education and the University of Hawaii College of Engineering sponsored three workshops that involved the mechanics, electronics and programming of robots.


Micromouse on the roll to First Place!

Engineering students from the University of Hawaii at Manoa are on a roll! The UHM students finished first and fourth out of the eight competitors entered in a micromouse competition held recently at the University of Nevada, Reno.





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