A Summer in France

The French are known for the following things: French bread, expensive fashion, fragrances, Grey Poupon, wine, and engineering.


The Long Journey to Success

Writer Earl Nightingale once said, "People with goals succeed because they knew where they're going." However, if Mr. Nightingale ever met University of Hawaii Mechanical Engineering student Scott Sufak, he would have to rephrase his belief.


Fantasy Job

Hawaii's highly popular idea of "brain drain" leads many people to believe that it's impossible to find a good hi-tech job in Hawai'i. However, the truth is it's possible and University of Hawai'i electrical engineering student Anthony Higa is the proof.


Shelly Kim

Engineering is a tough curriculum that demands discipline, hard work, and time, lots of time, for a student to succeed. Combining those studies with participation in college-level, championship-caliber athletics makes for an even tougher challenge.


Wen Phan

Nguyen "Wen" Phan is a busy young man. He is a Regent's Scholar at the UH College of Engineering, works part-time at AdTech, a local engineering firm, participates in outreach programs including Xtreme! ENGINEERING, and is the leader of the UH micromouse team.





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