What's your angle? Triangle!

By Russell Fujita | 26 May 2000

Do you know which shape is the strongest one in the world? The square? The circle? It's the triangle! The 3-sided triangle is the only shape that does not bend when it is carrying a heavy weight.

The men and women who design and build structures, engineers, have known this fact for a very long time. In fact, some of the oldest man-made structures still standing are triangles! The Great Pyramids of Egypt were built more than 4,500 years ago and have four triangle sides!

Modern engineers use the triangle to strengthen the many different structures they build. You can see them in the supports of bridges and the sides of radio and television towers. Triangles strengthen the supporting base of roller coaster carnival rides and are a major part of the roof on the Stan Sheriff Arena on the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus. Triangles are all around us.

How many can you see?


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