Summer at the FBI

Ever since he went to a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recruitment presentation given by Agent Cal Wong, electrical engineering student Randy Yamada knew he wanted to be at one of the world's best law enforcement agencies.


Students Capture Sunpower

What can engineering do to help protect our natural resources and create a better environment for everyone? Two University of Hawaii students, Davin Sasaki and Kaufana Valitta, accomplished this by helping Hawaii's oldest school use basic engineering technology to create energy from one of the oldest sources, the sun.


What's the Angle? Triangle!

Do you know which shape is the strongest one in the world? The square? The circle? It's the triangle! The 3-sided triangle is the only shape that does not bend when it is carrying a heavy weight.


Net Taxi

Oahu is the home of what may be the only taxi in the world to navigate using the World Wide Web. Technology implemented by Dr. C. S. Papacostas of the University of Hawai'i College of Engineering enables taxi driver John Parker to choose his routes depending on which streets have the least traffic.





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