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Seminar Orange:
Make a Successful Transition into the College of Engineering

Find out what to expect your first year and what's expected out of you. Learn how joining engineering clubs and societies can help you with your transition.

Seminar Blue:
Engineering Curriculum at the University of Hawaii

Find out how you can keep your education on track. Also, hear about the various engineering design groups you can join, like Micromouse, Mini Baja, and the Concrete Canoe teams.

Seminar Green:
Financing Your Education

Hear how you can lower the costs of higher education through general and engineering scholarships, financial aid, work study, campus employment, loans, and other vehicles.

Seminar White:
Enhancing Your Education Beyond the Campus

Your college education doesn't have keep you in the classroom. Learn how internships, National Student Exchange Program, the Study Abroad Program, or summer employment at engineering companies can take your education to a new environment, state, or country.

Seminar Red:
Engineering: One of the Hottest Fields Around

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for engineers will increase three times faster than all other job categories this decade. Find out from alumni why engineering is one of the hottest fields.

Seminar Yellow:
A Showcase of Undergraduate Engineering Projects

One of the unique opportunities available at the College is the chance to participate in undergraduate research. Hear about the projects our undergraduates are working on and how they have opened up the professional possibilities available to them.

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